The decision to move to a new country is one of the most personal and important decisions that a person can make.

As Toronto immigration lawyers in Canada, we understand the migration landscape has become increasingly complex and urgent. After more than 26 years of experience practicing Canadian immigration law, our expertise is recognized throughout Canada and internationally. We are shapers of the law, we are community leaders, we are teachers, we are advocates. Connect with us to find out how we can help with your migration plan.




Family sponsorship
Same-Sex Sponsorships Canada (and Opposite-Sex)
Federal Court
Applications and Appeals
Economic categories
Inadmissibility issues
Such as HIV excessive
demands concerns
Humanitarian and
Compassionate Applications
Forced migration
Refugee protection claims
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The Toronto immigration lawyers that make up our firm here in Canada believe that migration is a fundamental part of human freedom and that migration barriers should exist only when they are necessary. We understand that diverse communities are the groups most often concerned about international mobility, and provide practical, experienced legal advice that will assist in making informed decisions to support our clients’ immigration goals.

Our experience base as LGBTQ immigration lawyers in Toronto, Canada began decades ago through championing immigration issues for the LGBTQ and HIV community.  We are uniquely equipped to deal with issues that are challenging for other immigration practitioners. We understand and embrace the complexity of the new wave of migration.

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