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Students / Faculty

Our role as instructors at Canada’s top post-secondary institutions gives us insight and understanding of the motivations of international students and international faculty attracted to Canada as a worldwide destination for quality education.


Studying in Canada opens doors to Canadian work experience for you, and for your spouse/partner during your studies and for your children to study in Canada. Study and work in Canada are the best ways to put you on the path to permanent residence. But this path requires information and planning. Do you know what it means to be “actively engaged” in studies? Do you know how to find out if your school is a Designated Learning Institution for the purpose of working after your studies? Consult us before you embark on your plan to study in Canada so that we can ensure your educational dollars get you to your goal.


Are you an international instructor hired to work in Canada? We can guide you to the easiest and quickest route to short term and long term employment depending on the nature of your employment, as well as pathways to permanent residency for you and your family.

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