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Family Sponsorship and Sponsorship Appeals
(Same-Sex & Opposite Sex Sponsorships Canada)

Sponsoring Someone to Canada


We are Canadian family immigration sponsorship lawyers. We understand that relationships are taken to another level of commitment when one person decides to leave behind their home country and move to the country of their spouse or partner. The process can be stressful and uncertain. Rely on our expertise and experience to alleviate your concerns. As experienced Toronto immigration lawyers serving Canada and around the world, we can make the process of sponsoring someone to Canada as certain, smooth and quick as possible whether you're looking for opposite-sex and same-sex sponsorship to Canada for married couples, conjugal partner sponsorship to Canada, or common-law sponsorships to Canada.


In order to successfully immigrate to Canada based on your relationship with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you will need to establish that you will be economically self-sufficient and that your relationship fits into one of the three following categories:


Same-Sex Sponsorships Canada (and Opposite-Sex)



Common-Law Partners Sponsorships Canada (Same-Sex & Opposite Sex)


  • common law partners sponsorships Canada (partners of the same or opposite sex who have cohabited for at least one year)


Conjugal Partners Sponsorships Canada (Same-Sex & Opposite-Sex)


  • conjugal partners sponsorships Canada (partners of the same or opposite sex who are not married and have not cohabited for one year, but have been in a substantial, interdependent relationship for at least one year).





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