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What is Express Entry Immigration to Canada Program?

Express Entry is not an immigration category but an inventory management program. It was developed by Canada to manage the high demand for the limited number of immigration spots in our economic categories. People who are interested in immigrating to Canada enter the Express Entry online pool by completing a profile which describes their personal characteristics such as age, education, and language fluency. People then wait in the pool until the government of Canada offers them an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence. The Canadian government goes through the pool every few weeks and offers invitations to apply to people based on fluctuating point thresholds. After receiving an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence, an application for permanent residence will be due within 60 days.

Am I Eligible for the Express Entry Program?

You can take the first step to determine whether you are eligible for permanent residence through Express Entry by using the Express Entry calculator here:

How Long Does Express Entry take?

The length of time to an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence through the Express Entry system depends the number of points assigned to you and the quality of applicants in the Express Entry system.

How Can I Apply for Express Entry to Canada?

Please contact our Toronto immigration law firm to evaluate your chances of being selected.

How to Create an Express Entry Profile?

Our office assists you to build an Express Entry profile, using our years of experience with the system.

When is the Next Express Entry Draw?

Express Entry draws occur every three weeks approximately. There is no precise pre-announced date.

How much does Express Entry cost?

There are no government fees to enter the Express Entry pool.

What are my chances of success through Express Entry?

We can assist you to evaluate your chances of success based on our experience with the Express Entry system.

How do I make my CRS score higher?

Acquiring higher education, stronger language fluency or a job offer are among the ways you can improve your score. Contact us to find out which method specifically applies to you.

Can my family come with me through Express Entry?

Yes, spouses/partners and dependent children are processed with you under Express Entry. You can in fact gain Express Entry points depending on your spouse/partner’s qualifications.

Do I need to take the IELTS for Express Entry?

There are a few options for evaluating your language fluency under Express Entry. Contact us to find out which is best for you.


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