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New IRB Report on Sexual Orientation and Gender Minorities in Nigeria

The IRB has recently published a report on April 30, 2019 on The Situation of Sexual and Gender Minorities in Nigeria that involves a compilation of research conducted between the years 2014 and 2018. The information was gathered to provide insight relating to the treatment of members of the LGBTQ in Nigeria, which is often relevant to IRB decision-makers.

The report is divided into 9 sections: 1. Nigerian legislation that criminalizes homosexuality; 2. Treatment by society towards LGBTQ members which includes impediment to health care services, employment and housing etc.; 3. Reported incidences of violence targeting LGBTQ members; 4. The maltreatment by authorities; 5. Statistics relating to arrests and prosecutions, as well as human rights violations; 6. Legislation of state protection for members of the LGBTQ is reviewed (in fact, state protection is non-existent for this minority group); 7. Support services which are only provided by NGOs are discussed, as well as the challenges and safety issues they face in operating; 8. The unrecognition of affidavits relating to sexual orientation and/or gender identity is discussed; 9. Finally, the report provides limited internal relocation options wherein some tolerance towards LGBTQ members exists.

In sum, the report sheds light on the harsh realities’ LGBTQ members in Nigeria face which ultimately impacts every aspect of these peoples’ daily lives.


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